Article : Dr. Myint Thein

(1) Ko Ba Than (Atlanta) wrote several articles for the SPZPs. After relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area, he now writes under his name Myint Thein (M 73)

(2) Dear U Hla Min,

Sincere appreciation for your tireless works to RIT Alumni community for 17+ years. After we talked on phone this morning, I wrote an article for your RIT Weekly Updates.

Myint Thein (M 73)

(3) Featured article :

Saya S. Arya and Sayagyi U Ba Than

Under the leadership of Ko Maurice Chee (M 75), a group of RIT alums is planning to honor Ko Hla Min. To keep RIT alums connected and informed, since 1999 Ko Hla Min has voluntarily tirelessly posted weekly RIT-Updates. While reading his recent RIT-Updates, I remembered an event happened in our third year 1970.

During our six years at RIT, most of Mechanical students have almost never seen laughing or smiles of our Sayagyi U Ba Than and Sayagyi U Aung Khin. In third year Sayagyi U Ba Than taught us a major engineering subject “Strength of Materials”. Then, the typical class format was a 50-minute lecture followed by 50-minute tutorial classes comprised of 30-35 students.

Saya Arya was one of the tutorial teachers. Since his parents are Indian descendants, Saya Arya’s accent on Strength of Materials terminologies and vocabularies were unique and distinctive.

In the class of 1966-1972 Mechanical, there were some life-is-so-good die-hard native-Rangoon day-students included. They were neither quiet nor strictly-obedient students. Since they were one year senior to us, we learned and inherited a lot of extra-curricular activities, trades, and tricks from them.

One day, news went viral. The event took place in the tutorial class room on the third floor, near the English Department. In the tutorial class, while Saya Arya was writing differential equations on the blackboard, students were teasing and playing each other behind him. One of them threw a ZeeThee to his friend sitting in the front row. It missed him – hit the desk – bounced and hit the blackboard. Without delay, Saya Arya asked the class: “ZeeThee pauk tar Bu Thu Le ?”

One or two students answered promptly: “Bu Thee Booo”.

Saya Arya rushed to Sayagyi U Ba Than’s office. A group of students were summoned and questioned. They explained and appealed. Sayagyi U Ba Than could not hold his straight tight face and broke into laugh. Only a few students would know the exact true story what happened.

After the incident, there were floating quotes in the RIT campus for a while. Questions and Answers. If somebody threw paper-arrows from behind, then asked:

. . . Bu Thoo Le ? . . . . Bu Thee Booo !

It was 46+ years ago. In the evenings and weekends, yells and shouts occasionally roamed on the broad windy empty corridors of RIT. The clocks hanging overhead did not mind. Swel Daw trees were green and thrived and bloomed.

During the Adhamma era, our mother RIT was labelled “The Mother of The Rebels”. Swel Daw trees were also punished. With tears, we heard and read the news. Now, the situations of the mother country have been changed, generally. Mother RIT is welcoming back her sons and daughters coming back from the other side of the world. In this coming December last-week of 2016, mother RIT is going to celebrate Global RIT Reunion.

Last 17 years, in his weekly RIT Updates “Gone But Not Forgotten” (GBNF), U Hla Min has occasionally posted the short bios of RIT alums who have abruptly or unwillingly or unexpectedly left us. Gone with The Wind.

For some of 1960s and 1970s graduates mother RIT born, this Reunion may be the last one to meet and hug their classmates together at this very holy place.


May All You See Broad Smiles Again.

Myint Thein (M 73)

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