Half Moon Bay Monastery

For archive (Updated on February 27, 2019)

(1) Sayadaw U Silanandabhivamsa passed away on August 13, 2005.

(2) We paid homage to his bronze statue this morning [August 14, 2016].

Saladaw U Jotalankara read Sayadaw’s biography.

Shwe Bo Sayadaw and Mr. Luen (from Tathagata Meditation Center) recounted the good qualities and achievements of Sayadaw.

(3) Over the years. I have served in the following capacities at Theravada Buddhist Society of America (TBSA)

(a) Member of the Board of Directors

(b) Executive Committee member

(c) Editor of “Dhammanda Newsletter” and TBSA web site

(d) Simplifier of “A Manual of Buddhism” for use at the summer dhamma classes

(e) Editor of transcribed dhamma talks given by Sayadaw at the weekend retreats

(f) Master of Ceremonies at the services for Sayadaw

(g) Accompanied Saya U Myat Htoo to carry the ashes to be scattered near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

(h) Member of Book Committee and Editor for paying “Homage to Sayadaw U Silanandabhivamsa”

(i) Volunteer at the TBSA ceremonies

(4) U Tun Shwe (ChE 72), Daw Myint Myint Yee (ChE73), U Myint Thein (C 74), Daw Myint Myint Thein (C77), U Aung Zaw Maung (Pet78), U Zaw Lwin (M 87), … have volunteered their expertise at TBSA.

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