RIT Saya

Mechanical Sayas and Alumni

(1) Saya U Tin Myint (M80) posted the photo taken at the soon kyway of Sayagyi U Ba Than and added, “I am the third youngest in the group photo”.

(2) Saya U Lay Aung (M64) would be the most senior. Saya taught at RIT and ABAC. Even after “retirement”, Saya is helping with the maintenance and repair of equipment for the Mechanical Engineering Department.

(3) Saya U Han Sein (M72) stood first. He later joined the Navy. He retired as a Deputy Minister.

(4) U Wynn Htain Oo (M72) is fondly known “Shwe Gaung Pyaung”, “Hmaw Sayagyi” and an outstanding organizer.

(5) Professor Dr. Mi Sandar Mon (GBNF) is the daughter of Saya Mehm Tin Mon.

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