RIT (532) : Traffic Control System

Helping with the Traffic Control System

Dear Ko Hla Min,

May I comment and offer following suggestion to Ko Dennis Chee (Thein Tun Aung, EP76) on his difficulty in enlightening Traffic System planners in Yangon on the need for a good, efficient traffic control system?

I can understand the chagrin and disappointment that Dennis might have felt for the lack of interest, luke warm response to his presentation on this important matter.

Can I offer a suggestion here to unclog this disinterest on the part of Yangon traffic planners?

The type of audience to address to is very important. It is imperative that Dennis should address his presentation to the correct people; people who can review and make a decision to put the proposal upwards. It is only those officials who are high enough in rank can think/mull over the suggestion/proposal’s credibility. In other words, these officials must come to realize that there are much better ways & method in this modern digital world to control and to maintain good traffic flow. Relying on traffic cops using hand signals to control traffic is about 100 years out of date.

After a presentation to relevant officials how about inviting some of them to San Francisco to see how its done there. Of course this has to be arranged with prior permission from officials in the San F Bay area.

Now the question come about the cost of such an educational tour. If expatriates agree we can set up a donation fund to achieve this purpose. I can chip in U$200 towards this project to kick start it.

So let us wait the response from our peers, colleagues and alumni of what they think of this suggestion.

Meantime our cheers to Dennis Chee for his volition (cetana) to help our country with his experience and knowledge which he had gained during his work in the US. We thank him for his time and effort in this endeavor.

Warmest regards,
(Saya) Charlie Hla Myint (M65)

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