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Book Donation by Ko Victor Wong (C66)

Hi Ko Hla Min ,

Maurice and I donated our engineering books to our Mother School, RIT almost 2 years ago .

Until now no acknowledgement received what they are going to do with those books and I have never heard a single word of saying “ Thanks ”.

Beside the 82 books I donated shown below, there were also reference code books :-

Uniform Building Code

Uniform Mechanical code

Uniform plumbing code

Uniform fire code

National Electrical Code

1 Handbook of Conc Engineering

Mark Fintel

2 Design of Welded Structure

Omer w, Blodgett

3 Design of weldments

Omer w, Blodgett

4 Structural Steel Detailing


5 Standard Handbook for Civil Engineers

Frederick S. Merritt

6 Handbook of Applied Hydraulics

Calvin Victor Davis

7 Structural Engineering Handbook

Edwin / Charles Gaylord

8 Concrete Engineering Handbook

La Londe and Janes

9 Steel Designers’ Manual

Construct Steel Research

10 Handbook of Engineering Mechanics

W. Flugge

11 Mathematical Handbook For Scientists and Engineers

Granino A. Korn

12 Applied Plastic Design In Steel

Robert O. Disque

13 Guide To Design Criteria For Bolted and Riveted Joints

John William Fisher

14 Foundations Retaining and Earth Structures

Gregory P Tschebotarioff

15 Foundation Design

Wayne C. Teng

16 CRSI —Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute

Edward S Hoffman

17 CRSI Handbook Two Way Slab Design Supplement

John E. Heinzerling

18 Contemporary Concrete Structures

August E. Komendant

19 Reinforced Concrete Fundamentals

Phil M. Ferguson

20 Design of Concrete Structures

George Winter

21 Design of Steel Structures

Edwin / Charles Gaylord

22 Dynamics of Bases and Foundations

D.D. Barkan

23 Strength of Materials

John N. Cernica

24 Statically Indeterminate Structures

Chu-Kia Wang

25 Strength of Materials — Part I

S. Timoshenko

26 Strength of Materials — Part II

S. Timoshenko

27 Design Analysis of Shafts and Beams

R. Bruce Hopkins

28 Elementary Theory of Structures

Yuan-Yu Hsieh

29 Formulas for Stress and Strain

Raymond J.Roark

30 The Analysis of Structures


31 Structural Analysis

R.C. Coates & F.K. Kong

32 Design of Steel Structures

Boris Brester & T.Y. Lin

33 Theory of Structures

Timoshenko & Young

34 Theory of Elasticity

Timoshenko & Goodier

35 Structural Engineering Vol 1

Richard White & Peter Gergely

36 Structural Engineering Vol 2

Richard White & Peter Gergely

37 Reinforced Concrete Design

Chu-Kia Wang & Charles Salmon

38 Moment Distribution

James M. Gere

39 Manual of Steel Construction


40 Steel Structures Design and Behavior

Charles Salmon & John Johnson

41 Wood Engineering

German Gurfinkel

42 Bending and Torsional Design in Structural Members

C.P. Heins

43 Energy Principles in Structural Mechanics

Theodore R. Tauchert

44 Foundation Analysis and Design

E. Bowles

45 Structural Design Guide To The ACI Building Code

Rice and Hoffman

46 Design of Modern Steel Structures

Linton E. Grinter

47 Design of Wood Structures

Donald E. Breyer

48 Building Construction

Whitney C. Huntington

49 Cold-Formed Steel Structures

Wei-Wen Yu

50 Design of Prestressed Concrete Structures

T.Y. Lin

51 Structural Analysis

Jack C. McCormac

52 Manual Steel Construction 7th. Edition


53 Structural Steel Design 2nd. Edition

Lambert Tall

54 Structural Steel Designers’ Handbook

Frederick S. Merritt

55 Structural Steel Design

Jack C. McCormac

56 Steel Buildings Analysis and Design

Stanley Crawley & Robert Dillon

57 Architecture Drafting and Design

Donald Hepler and Paul Wallach

58 Design of Wood Structures 4th Edition

Donald E. Breyer and Kenneth J. Fridley

59 Elementary Steel Structures

Yuan-Yu Hsieh

60 Manual of Seismic Design

James L. Stratta

61 Civil Engineering for the Plant Engineer

Max Schwartz

62 Modern Timber Engineering

Scofield- O’Brien

63 Structural Analysis

W. Fisher Cassie

64 Astronomy for Surveyors


65 Structure in Architecture

M.Salvadori & R. Heller

66 Mechanics of Materials

Alvin Sloane

67 Elementary Structural Analysis

Norris & Wilbur

68 Strength of Materials

G.H. Ryder

69 Fluid Mechanics

R.L. Daugherty & A.C. Ingersoll

70 Theory & Practice of Reinforced concrete

Clarence W. Dunham

71 Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics

E.H. Lewitt

72 Seismic Resistance of Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls and Frame Joints

ATC (Applied Technology Council)

73 Seismic Design for Buildings

Dept. of U.S.Navy , Army, and Air Force

74 Fluid Dynamics

W.F.Hughes & J.A.Brighton

75 Design Manual – Civil Engineering

Dept of U.S. Navy

76 Wood Frame House Construction

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

77 Design Manual:- Soil Mechanics , Foundations & Earth Structure

U.S. Dept of Navy

78 Fundamentals of Plan Review

Uniform Building Code

79 Manual of Standard Practice ( Concrete )


80 Solutions to Design of Weldments

The James E. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation

81 The Home Builder’s Guide for Earthquake Design

Applied Technology Council

82 Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures

Portland Cement Association

Editor’s note:

The books were delivered to YTU c/o Dr. Aye Myint (then Rector).

The current Rector is Dr. Myint Thein.

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