Updated on February 27, 2019

(1) The list of GBNF for 69ers now has 82 entries.

One 69er said, “In five years, most of our classmates will be gone”.

(2) Lost two classmates (one from primary school, and one from high school).

U Myint Sein (Bobby) became unconscious while seeing the TV and succumbed 10 minutes later.

Dr. Myo San (Freddie) was 3rd in Burma in the Matriculation of 1963. He had to take early retirement.

(3) Several natural disasters and one man-made disaster caused panic, economic loss, …

Technological advances could not prevent and/or predict them.

High winds, scarcity of water and hydrants, multiple “hot spots”, downed power lines and communication cell towers … all added to the destruction of 2000+ buildings, displacement of 20000+ people, and a climbing list of “deaths and missing people”.

(4) Some friends have not been well for a couple of years.

One was advised to have liver transplant, but he was not healthy enough to undergo the operation.

(5) We are neither optimists nor pessimists. We are realists.

Since most are at the sunset of our lives (at least 5 PM), what should we do to make our lives worthwhile?

(6) Practice Four wins:

Win for (a) self (b) family (c) work (d) community

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