We could do better

Some sayas and alumni feel that we can do better for our alma mater and our beloved motherland.

It will take metta, cetana, passion, commitment, time, money, energy …, but “done collectively and correctly”, we can let our alma mater and our motherland rise to their old glory and beyond.

Engineering faculty, Alumni association, Swel Daw Yeik Foundation, MES, MEC and their interaction will be highly beneficial.

Some possible items of interest are listed below

(a) Leap frogging technology

(b) Open source projects and products

(c) Virtual learning & training

(d) Communication & leadership skills

(e) Mastery of data, information, knowledge, expertise, wisdom

(f) Reliable and efficient infrastructure

(g) Good citizenship

(h) Ethics

(i) Standardization

(j) Convergence

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