Notes (020) : Observation [10]

For archive (Updated on February 13, 2019)


Our SPHS classmate and RUBC crew member Willie Soe Maung (Myint Soe, GBNF) was from the first batch of BDS.

I met one who received his BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) in the 70s. He is quite junior to us. He said,

“I received a monthly stipend of 75 Kyats. I paid 57 Kyats for the hostel fees, and 15 Kyats for the school fees. I use the remaining 3 Kyats for riding buses. The short trips cost five or ten pyas.”


In 1963, ten from our class received the Collegiate Scholarship of 75 Kyats per month.

After paying 15 Kyats for the school fees, those who attend as day scholars have 60 Kyats to spend.

Sad to note that Dr. Myo San (Freddie Ba San, who stood Third in Burma) and U Aung Thu Yein (Brownie Way, who stood 13th in Burma) are GBNF.

Eligible YTU Students

Scholarships and stipends are being awarded by various organizations to YTU students.

In 2018, NorCal RITAA awarded US $1000 to four YTU students, and US $500 to three YTU students. The pre-screening was done by volunteer alumni (entrepreneurs as well as EC of RITAA).

Testimonials from the recipients have been posted.

Observation :

  1. The value of Kyat (and hence the purchasing power) has declined drastically over the years. In our younger days, a US Dollar is worth five or six kyats.
  2. Slide rules and calculators have given way to lap tops, note pads and smart phones. It is important to spend time wisely on the devices, and to keep the devices out of reach during one’s sleep.
  3. Several individuals, groups, associations and foundations have enabled students with hardship to pursue their dreams of becoming engineers.

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