Months (768) : August

For archive (Updated on January 26, 2019)

August used to be the sixth month in the old Roman Calendar, and it had 30 days.

The month was given an extra day and renamed in honor of Augustus Caesar.

August is the eighth month in the Gregorian Calendar, and it has 31 days.


Two sisters, my grand daughter, several cousins and I are August born.

Two years ago, Ko Maurice Chee (M75) organized a birthday soon kwyay for me at the Dhammananda Vihara in Half Moon Bay, California. The sayas and alumni presented me an Appreciation award.

Sayadaw U Silanandabhivamsa passed away in August.

Three in-laws : Father-in-law, Mother-in-law and Brother-in-law passed away in August.

Is 8 lucky?

8-8-88 (August 8, 1988) and the following days mark the hope and then despair of the people longing for the end of the Adhamma Era.

Grapevine says that the event was inspired in part by numerologists who remembered the historic event (about Mingyi Yan Naung) in 888 Burmese Era and extrapolated the magic of No. 8 from three 8’s to four 8’s.

Most Chinese think that the number 8 is lucky. For example, Beijing Olympics was opened on 8-8-08 (August 8, 2008).

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