Article (746) : Dr. Koung Nyunt

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A Letter to Tha-gyar-min

by Kogyi Koung (Dr. Koung Nyunt, A67)

Date: Thursday, 14 April 2011 (3:40pm. Thin-gyan Akya-ne.)
P.O. Box; Top of the never used RIT water tower
Ashe. Jo. Koun (East Gyogone): RIT Compound, Insein, Rangoon, Burma

Dear Your Majesty the Sovereign of Tawadein dha,

As from the beginning of 1960’s our RIT is like the last paradise on earth, with all enjoyments, teachings, preaching, learning, playing sports and friendship never sails away. Kogyi Koung recollects the stories at the time of 60’s RIT and retold the fairy-tales to our Bushido-Burmans at gatherings in Auckland, NZ. However, the young generations of Maha Bandoola do not believe the stories, and they whispered by themselves that Kogyi Koung is now ‘Yin yin galay Yuu-nay-pyi-de’.

Your Majesty the Tha-gyar-min-gyi please take this message to Tawadein dha and explain to my late Sayas and colleagues there, that my stories are not fabricated.

I have the evidences. For example, I have sent a message to RIT alumni update (February 6, 2010) as follows,

Dear U Hla Min,

It is sad news for our elder brothers at RIT, especially those who reside at E and F block during the beginning of 60’s.

A term called “Ma-pyo: mashi.ja ne he.” was coined at that time. When I visited my elder brother [U Than Soe, M63] at E block (when I was at Leik-khone I.Sc). I heard somebody shout “Ma-pyo: mashi.ja ne he.” Then I looked outside. Everybody lined up at corridor and they were looking at a far side on top of the entrance hall that is attached to a two story house.

I could not believe my eyes. She was a beauty queen, who had Miss Burma two times excising physical training on the porch. I noted down in my diary and the rallying cry “Ma-pyo: mashi.ja ne he.” She is Naw Louisa Benson Craig. Now she has left our brothers’ heart at age 69.

Yours etc. (“Ma-pyo: mashi.ja ne he.”)

When I retold that story here at Auckland, everybody laughed like ‘Wa:lone kwe:aung ye kya de”. I said it is not a joke. I have evidence.

Also, Kogyi Koung explained about the following, written by Maung Maung Hla, a Karen pastor in Rangoon who was close to Naw Louisa during her youth, remembered her aloud : “She had a little mole on her cheek and she had a kind heart. She was also a very good singer.”

This statement has no evidence.

However, Tha-gyar-min-gyi if you find Naw Louisa at Tawadein dha, please ask if what I wrote is true?

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