Kyaw Myint

For archive (Updated on February 26, 2019)

(1) Saya U Kyaw Myint (Mech/Auto 64) worked for UN assignments in China. He hosted Sayagyi U Aung Khin and Saya U San Tun during their visit to Beijing. Saya migrated to USA. Saya lost his beloved spouse Dr. Daw Kyin in December, 2018. She had pledged to donate her body for Medical Research.

(2) Saya U Kyaw Myint (Tex) studied in Japan. He later moved to Singapore and is presently in Vancouver, Canada. His spouse Shirley Khun Kyi is the sister of Sao Aung Myint (John, Irrigation).

(3) U Kyaw Myint (T72) is an expert in Veda and Indigineous Medicine. He and his elder brother U Kan Nyunt teach Veda courses.

(4) U Kyaw Myint (M83) contributed $1000 to NorCal RITAA for YTU scholarship. He and his spouse runs a flower shop.

(5) U Kyaw Myint (GBNF), father of Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint, is a Barrister-at-law, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Judge (Head of the Tribunal to try Galon U Saw), and Mentor (Head of private lawyers).

(6) U Kyaw Myint (Myan Sar Gone, GBNF) taught Burmese and Thaing.

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