Science Scholar *

In the old education system, there were minimal requirements to attend courses at the University.

Among those who stood First in Burma, Dr. Soe Win (Matric 58) chose to study Chemistry and Dr. Hla Tin Ngwe (Frankie Ohn, Matric 59) chose to study Physics. Sayagyi U Ba Khin chose to work and later became Head of four Departments and a renowned Vipassana Teacher.

The disruption took in several forms (a) the use of the controversial ILA system (b) competition to enter professional courses (c) discrimination of those who are not 3-NRC.

The “Science Scholarship” (SS) program was introduced to lure brilliant students to study Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

Saya Dr. Nyi Nyi, then Deputy Minister of Education, “promised” that SS holders will be sent for further studies (may be even before they graduate).

Per Dr. Kyaw Tint (SS for Physics), 20 SS awards were reserved for each discipline, but they were never filled due to lack of student interest.

Reality struck.

There were few scholarships for the Ministry of Education.

But, there’s a silver lining in every cloud.

Some SS scholars gained wealth and fame as Tuition Sayas.

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