August : Special Days

It was the sixth month in the old Roman Calendar and had 30 days.

The month was renamed August in honor of Emperor Augustus Caesar and was given 31 days to equal that of July (named after Emperor Julius Caesar).

Grapevine says that the two extra days for July and August came from February, which originally had 30 days. It ended with 28 days and was compensated with an extra day (making it 29 days) in a Leap Year.

My two sisters, my grand daughter and I are all August born.

Several cousins were also born in August.

Sad to say, my father-in-law, mother-in-law and brother-in-law all passed away in August.

August 13 is the Death Anniversary of

  • my father-in-law and
  • my mentor Sayadaw U Silanandabhivamsa (Rector, ITMBU & Chief Resident Monk of Dhammananda Vihara, Half Moon Bay).

I had the honor to serve as Master of Ceremonies at the Memorial Service of Sayadaw U Silananda. It was attended by Dr. Nandamalbhivamsa (present Rector Sayadaw, then Pro-Rector Academic), Sitagu Sayadaw and 50+ Burmese and Sri Lankan monks.

I accompanied Saya U Myat Htoo (C68, President, TBSA) to hold Sayadaw’s ashes to be scattered from a yacht into the San Francisco Bay near the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge.

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