Soe Myint

For archive (Updated on February 16, 2019)

Sunlun Soe Myint (second monk from right)

U Soe Myint (M72, UCC, GBNF) retired as Pro-Rector of ICST/UCSY. He is an uncle of U Maung Maung Win (Maung Yit, EC93). He passed away unexpectedly one morning around 3 AM. He had no major medical problems. He had a busy day visiting the Kaba Aye Sun Lun Gu Kyaung twice, and seeing his nephew and niece who were having medical treatment. He is known as “Phone Gyi” Soe Myint in the Class of M72.

According to U Wynn Htain Oo (M72), there are three (or more) Soe Myint in the Class. They have to be differentiated by their nick names (e.g. Kyang Gyi).

U Soe Myint (GBNF) is the eldest son of U Thein Maung (Htin Lin, National Literary Award winner). He is the elder brother of U Soe Win (EC70, UCC & PTC), U Kyaw Zaw (EC72, GBNF) and U Khin Zaw (UCC). He is the father of Dr. Khin Khin Latt, spouse of KMZ. U Soe Myint graduated with Triple Maths. He worked at Working People’s Daily (WPD) as Assistant Editor, and became the son-in-law of his boss U Than Saw (Chief Editor). U Soe Myint later became Chief Editor of Guardian Daily and Magazine. Per his request, I wrote several articles on Computers and Computer Applications. I had earlier written poems and translations in Guardian, Working People’s Daily and Forward Magazine.

Saya Dr. Maung Thein (Geology) told his student U Soe Myint to study Computer Science. He is known as KSM (Ko Soe Myint, to differentiate for Sunlun Soe Myint) worked as Systems Programmer. Dr. Maung Thein requested KSM and me to give a short session at the Geology department at MASU. The sayas were not happy. “Why is Saya Thein asking two UCC guys to spoil our vacation?” After Saya Thein transferred to RASU, he again requested UCC to conduct a short course for his sayas. The sayas were happy to see Pale Shein (Pearl) give the follow up lessons after KSM and me. KSM retired from United Nations. He lives in New York.

Saya U Soe Myint (Min83) served as Secretary of the RIT Buddhist Association and later as a Patron. He served as Joint Secretary of SPZP-2012 and SPZP-2016.

U Soe Myint played soccer for Rangoon University and may be Burma.

U Soe Myint managed the Rangoon University Printing Department.

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