Adeikhtan (2)

Adeikhtan is loosely rendered as Determination.

It is a commitment to do something as planned.

It needs resolve.

New Year Resolution is a form of Adeikhtan, but many do not seriously follow it.

A time-bounded Adeikhtan is easier to fulfill. At some meditation retreats, one pledges to practice mindfulness for the period (e.g. one hour).

According to the Buddhist Chronicles, the Bodhisatta (Buddha to be) made an Adeikhtan to meditate under the Bodhi Tree until he became Enlightened.

Examples of Determination

  • try a new task every day for a specified period
  • learn a new language every year
  • [hard] master four languages in a year by living and studying with native speakers
  • raise 77 Lakhs of donation from the Class of 77

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