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Most people are afraid of failing. They do not try to move outside their comfort zone.

Thomas Edison succeeded in developing the incandescent bulb after 1000+ tries and failures. He said that he learned something new from the failed experiments.

Two Poems

Around Christmas of 1968, three astronauts (Frank Borman, James Lovell and Bill Anders) circled the moon and sent back lovely pictures. I wrote a poem on “Apollo 8“. It was not published. My mentor Reverend F. Ludvig (aka Ashin Ananda) said, “Your poem is long. Most people do not have the time and leisure to read poems, especially long ones.” I could have lost heart and confidence.

In July 1969, Apollo 11 landed in Tranquility Bay on the moon. I wrote a poem “Men on the Moon“. Ashin Ananda was pleased to have me as a mentee. He gave a copy of my poem to Mr. Hall, Information Officer at USIS/USIA. He forwarded a copy to NASA. Mr. Hall put me on the subscription list of USIS. I received “Alin Yaung Magazine”, Newsletters and Translations. My poem was also published in the Guardian Newspaper.

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