Soe Win

For archive (Updated on February 15, 2019)

RIT Alumni

U Soe Win (EP69, GBNF) was Captain of the RIT Basketball Team.

Soe Win and Charlie

U Soe Win (EC70) worked at UCC and PTC before founding his own Training School. He is the brother of U Soe Myint (GBNF, Chief Editor of several publications, U Kyaw Zaw (EC72, GBNF) and U Khin Zaw (UCC). His classmates include Charlie Tseng.

U Soe Win (EE), junior to us, served as member of EC in the RIT EE Association. He is seen second from right in the back row of the Group photo.


Dr. Soe Win and former students

Dr. Soe Win (SPHS58, son of Saya Sein) stood First in Burma in the Matriculation of 1958. He studied Chemistry Honors. Saya did his doctorate in London, UK. He is Retired Rector of YUFL. He is the father of U Aung Mon, one of the young EE organizers for SPZP and Pyinnya Dana.

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