May Pa Le, Rocket, La La, Ajala and Kabar

For archive (Updated on February 15, 2019)

RIT Nick names

May Pa Le

Daw Yee Yee Aung
  • May Pa Le” is a two-handed compliment given to selected female RIT students (e.g. Yee Yee Aung).
  • It means “a belle who is Pearly White”.
  • It’s concoction “Mae Pa Le” means “So dark”.


Young Emma Tin Tin Myint

Saya U Ko Gyi was a Lecturing Tutor in Mathematics. He is known for reciting the first 100 digits of PI (a constant which is 3.14159265 …). He used Rocket as an example in his classes.

For some reason, he named Tin Tin Myint (Emma) as “Rocket”. The classmates who witnessed the naming can provide details.

Emma Tin Tin Myint (co-founder of Dana Sri Lanka) is known as Mae Daw Gyi by the young monks studying in Sri Lanka.

La La

La La is a form of “Kala” or “Kular”.

Some young dark skinned kids (e.g. Aye Win Hlaing) are given the nickname “La La”.


Ajala was a Nigerian student who led demonstrations in front of the US Embassy (in our younger days).

Moe Hein represented RIT in swimming and water polo. He has a loud voice (which is very helpful in supporting RIT athletes in the Inter-Institute Tournaments). He is fondly called Ajala by his close friends.


Obituary of Kabar

Maung Kabar was an adorable Cartoon character.

Those who have slightly round faces are called “Maung Kabar” or “Kabar”.

According to Saya U Myat Htoo (C68), his classmate and fellow saya U Myint Soe was named “Maung Kabar”.

U Myint Thein (M69) is known as “Kabar”, which shows up in his Obituary.

U Hla Aung (EP68) added :

May I share our time nick names. May Pa Le is Yee Yee Aung (EP68). Her friend is Nancy Hla Aung. My nick name is Ba Gyi Aung.

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