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A Jew

  • is a member of the Jewish people and the Jewish Community
  • is one whose mother is a Jew
  • is one who had converted to Judaism
  • usually believes that he is related to the ancient Hebrews (led by Abraham)
  • probably speaks Yiddish
  • can be orthodox, liberal or irreligious
  • may study the teachings of the Talmud and the Torah
  • can be misunderstood by others (notably the Nazis)
  • may be stereotyped as greedy (as in Shylock the Jew) and stingy
  • can be a descendant of the victims and survivors of the Holocaust


There are books that cover Diaspora.

There are accounts of how a Jewish writer inspired Jews from various parts of the world (including David Ben Gurion and Golda Meir) converge to found the Jewish State named Israel.

There is an Internet course about the “bias against Jews”.

Many Russian Jews were told to leave. They had two choices to relocate :

  • Israel
  • other countries (including USA if they had sponsors).

The parents of Sergei Brin (co-founder of Google) chose to migrate to the US.

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