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Antonyms are words which have almost the opposite meaning for the given context.

Since some words can have multiple meanings, one must be careful of the meaning associated with an antonym.


Love and Hate are antonyms.

There are six root causes or Hetu.

They fall into two groups : Kusala (Wholesome) and Akusala (Unwholesome). Kusala and Akusala are antonyms.

Akusala group consists of

  • Lobha (Greed)
  • Dosa (Anger or Hatred)
  • Moha (Ignorance of Delusion)

Kusala group consists of

  • Alobha (Non-greed)
  • Adosa (Non-hatred)
  • Amoha (Non-ignorance or Wisdom).

Lobha and Alobha are antonyms.

Dosa and Adosa are antonyms.

Moha and Amoha are antonyms.

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