Cross Word Puzzle

Friendly competition

My uncle and my cousin brother would have a friendly competition to complete “Cross word puzzle” which was featured daily in an English newspaper.

Several magazines and journals also publish “Cross word puzzle”.


There may be

  • Simple Cross Word Puzzle which can be completed in about 10 minutes
  • Hard Cross Word Puzzle which requires 30+ minutes
  • Challenging Cross Word Puzzle which may take a long time
  • Subject-specific Cross Word Puzzle
  • Book of Cross Word Puzzles


Some entries are easy to fill.

For example, a two-letter word for printer’s measure will usually be “en” or “em”. In printing, the width of the letter M is known as an “em”. The width of the letter N is an “en”.

A three-letter word for referee’s cousin will probably be “ump” (for umpire).

Some entries may be anagrams. Examples of anagrams for the four directions are

  • Seat (for East)
  • Stew (for West)
  • Thorn (for North)
  • Shout (for South)

Some entries might refer to

  • Shakespeare
  • Bible
  • Literature
  • Music.

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