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Kyar Ba Nyein

“Kyar” Ba Nyein was a mentee of the Mandalay “Kyar Bayin” (King of Checkers). Checkers is called “Kyar” (in short) or “Set Hnit Kaung Kyar” (in full).

“Kyar” also means tiger, which is the symbol used for his boxing club, which produced National Boxing Champions. Kyar Ba Nyein was a Boxing Champion and a promoter of Burmese Boxing and Martial Arts.

Ludu Daw Ah Mar’s book on “Mandalay Thar and Mandalay Thu” has a chapter on Kyar Ba Nyein.

Board Game

  • There are 64 squares in a Checkers board. 32 squares are white. 32 squares are black.
  • Checkers uses only the black squares. The number of possible moves in Chess is thus much less than Chess which uses all squares.
  • Most pieces can only move forward. The exception is when a piece is promoted to a “king”.
  • The game ends when a player with no more pieces on the board. The opponent is declared the winner.
  • Some games can end in a draw (or a tie).

For fun, some play a variant. The player who loses all the pieces win.

Checkers Program

Arthur Samuel (IBM) was not a renowned Checkers player, but he developed a system (algorithm and data base) to play against human opponents (with rising level of competence). His program remembered “bad” moves and “good” moves. Over time, the program was able to beat a reasonably good Checkers player.

It was one of the early projects for Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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