SPHS (1009) : Collegiate Scholarship

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Collegiate Scholarship

The rules change over the years.

In 1960, the Top Hundred students were awarded Collegiate Scholarship. Dr. Than Toe placed 99th and won the Collegiate Scholarship.

In 1963, those for the non-government schools have to place in the Top Forty to be awarded Collegiate Scholarship.


In the Matriculation of 1963, five Paulians won the Top Honors.

  • Khin Maung U (George, 1st)
  • Min Oo (Kenneth, 2nd)
  • Myo San (Freddie, 3rd, GBNF)
  • Nyunt Wai (Victor, 4th)
  • Thein Wai (5th)

Kenny Wong from MEHS placed 6th.

SPHS had seven students in the Top Ten.

  • Hla Min (7th)
  • Aung Kyaw Zaw (Johnny, 9th)

Winnie Aung from Branch Convent placed 8th, the highest among the female students.

SPHS had ten students in the Top Twenty.

  • Maung Maung Kyi (11th)
  • Aung Thu Yein (Brownie, 13th, GBNF)
  • Khin Maung Zaw (Frank, 17th)

Group Photo


Min Oo (Kenneth, 2nd)
Khin Maung U (George, 1st)
Myo San (Freddie, 3rd)

Hla Min (7th)
Khin Maung Zaw (Frank, 17th)
Nyunt Wai (Victor, 4th)
Thein Wai (5th)
Maung Maung Kyi (11th)
Aung Thu Yein (Brownie, 13th)
Aung Kyaw Zaw (Johnny, 9th)

OPA Dinner

OPA Dinner
Honor Roll

Other Batches

In 1958, SPHS had the Top Two students.

In 1959, SPHS had the Top Four students.

In 1965, SPHS had the Top Three students.

Daw Aye Aye Kyu wrote :

Aye Aye Kyu (Ch 6, 1969) was awarded Collegiate Scholarship (Roll No. MN 867, 1963 matriculate) for placing among the top 40 students from non governmental schools.
( Morton Lane Judson High School, Moulmein.)
Was placed 36th in the list announced in ‘The Guardian’ Newspaper dated 6th August 1963.

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