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Coup D’etat

  • Coup D’etat took place on March 2, 1962.
  • Sao Shwe Thaike’s son was a casualty, but the official reports stated that “It was a bloodless takeover”.
  • A 17-man Revolutionary Council was formed. According to Kyemon U Thaung, seven members did not know of the decision.
  • Mahn Win Maung (President), U Nu (Prime Minister) , U Myint Thein (Chief Justice), Ministers and some high ranking officials, Sawbwas were taken into custody.
  • Sama Duwa Sinwa Naung, who was designated to succeed Mahn Win Maung as President, was unlucky.

First ever HSF Only examination

  • We were the guinea pigs of the ever changing Education system.
  • We would be the elite group to take Government examinations four times (without ever failing) : 7th, 9th (twice), 10th.
  • We were the last batch to sit for the 7th Standard Government examination in 1960.
  • We were the first batch to sit for the High School Final Only examination in 1962. We were taking the examination when the Coup D’etat took place. We had to continue taking the examination with armored cars and security forces patrolling the street.
  • Worse still, the examination was annulled for the Rangoon Division claiming that the questions had been leaked.
  • We had to retake the HSF (High School Final) Only examination.
  • Unlike our seniors, we had to take the Matriculation Only examination in May, 1963.

Faculty of Engineering

The newly minted Sayas include

  • Mao Toon Siong (M62)
  • Dr. Tin Win (M62)

State Funerals

There were two State Funerals.

  • One was for Commodore Than Pe (Navy), Revolutionary Council Member & Ta Wun Khan (Minister) of Health and Education. He succeeded Sir Arthur Eggar as President of RUBC (Rangoon University Boat Club).
  • Another was for U Tin Maung Thant (“Ah Phyo Gyi”, alumni of Private Primary Boundary Road School), son of UNSG U Thant. The funeral cortege was much larger than that for Commodore Than Pe.

Dark Moments

  • Two Dark Days in the History of Burma occurred on July 7, 1962 and July 8, 1962.
  • Official records said that there were only 17 victims on 7th July, 1962.
  • Ko Aung Khin, who was returning home from RUBC, was hit by a stray bullet.
  • The Students Union — which had played an important role in nurturing Burma’s leaders — was demolished on 8th July.

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