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  • Four Paulians led by Frankie Ohn took the top spots in the Matriculation examination of 1959.
  • Ko Frankie was named “Tin Hla” to complete the sequence : Tin Nyo, Tin Bo, Tin Mo, Tin Wa, Tin Hla.
  • He changed it to “Hla Tin Ngwe” to include his mother’s name.
  • He took Physics Honors and later completed his doctorate in the USA.

Faculty of Engineering

Freshly minted Sayas include

  • U San Tun (M59)
  • U Tin Hlaing (M59, GBNF)
  • Dr. Ba Lwin (EE59)
  • U Myo Kyi (EE59)
  • L. Tin Htun (Dr. Chris Lee, EE59)


AFPFL (which claimed that it would dominate for four decades) split into two factions :

  • Thant Shin (Clean AFPFL) led by U Nu and Thakin Tin
  • Ti Mye (Stable AFPFL) led by U Ba Swe and U Kyaw Nyein

Newspapers openly supported their preferred faction.

Cartoonists also joined the fray. Some Cartoons which sold for 60 pyas were sold for a fraction of the price.

The Thant Shin faction survived the “No Confidence Motion” proposed by the Ti Mye faction with the support of the Opposition Pa Ma Nya Ta party.

The split ultimately led to the “Caretaker Government” led by Bogyoke Ne Win.

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