For archive (Updated on February 19, 2019)

Steve Wozniak

  • is a technical genius
  • designed Apple Computer
  • wanted he share his invention with others (notably, members of the Computer Home Brew Club)
  • gave away some of his stocks
  • went back to college under an assumed name
  • was known as the “Wizard of Oz”
  • bowed out of “Dancing with the Stars”

Steve Jobs

  • is a Visionary and a Marketing Guru
  • coaxed Woz to found Apple Computers
  • had two stints at Apple (forced exit & regaining name with top selling consumer-oriented products)
  • quit College, but the Calligraphy class had a lasting impact
  • was harsh on “non-achievers”
  • gave a passionate Commencement speech at Stanford University

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