For archive (Updated on February 18, 2019)

Stephen Covey

  • “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey is a Best Seller.
  • It is available as an audio book.
  • Covey also wrote another book on the Eighth Habit.
  • If one just wants to have teasers or summaries, one can subscribe to Blinkist.

Charles Duhigg

  • “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg is a Best Seller.
  • It is available as an audio book.
  • Good habits allow us to perform things in auto-pilot mode.
  • Bad habits (e.g. addiction) are easy to develop, but difficult to quit.
  • Duhigg points out where to “break” the cycle in a habit.


  • My uncle smoke two packs of cigarettes every day. He successfully quit smoking partly due to his doctor’s advice and party due to his determination to live a long, healthy life.
  • My friend tried to quit smoking. It was difficult, because his buddies offered him cigarettes to keep them company.


  • Habitual Kamma (e.g. meditating every day) is important.
  • You may join the 5 AM Club and try to get up every morning at 5 AM. Some members spend an hour to do 20-20-20 routine (a three part routine each lasting 20 minutes to keep physically, mentally and spiritually fit).

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