For archive (Updated on February 18, 2019)

HCA stands for High Concentration Activity (or “In the zone”).

Moments of HCA

RUBC Magazine

  • I volunteered as a Contributing Editor for the commemorative issue of the RUBC 90th Anniversary Magazine.
  • I proposed to write Prelude for each section.
  • In a moment of HCA that lasted less than an hour, I completed the Prelude for all sections.

Memories of UCC

  • During my visit to Yangon I attended the 5th Acariya Pu Zaw Pwe as a Member of Generation Zero.
  • I gave a guest lecture at UCSY (University of Computer Studies in Yangon).
  • In my desire to pay back to UCC, I wrote 30+ posts on “Memories of UCC” in three days of HCA. My former student told me that I should not be spending too much time in Yangon reminiscing about UCC. She asked, “Would you like to have a two-night three-day vacation at Bagan?”

Trivia Posts

  • After I came back to the USA I decided to share my memories with my sayas and alumni.
  • My spouse told me that we should pay back to our beloved land, our ancestors and our mentors.
  • I started posting Trivia to my Facebook friends, but then opened up to the General Public.
  • I was a mini-Dictionary, a micro-Google, a life long learner, a Toastmaster, an amateur historian (in fact a “Jack of All Trades”).
  • Then moments of HCA appeared.
  • Before long I was hitting milestones : 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100 and still going.

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