Associative Memory

For archive (Updated on February 18, 2019)

I do not have a photographic memory, but I have a reasonably good associative memory.

Here are a few facts to form association (relation, link).

Michael Aye

  • Michael Aye attended SPHS (St. Paul’s High School) with two of my cousin brothers. Myint Toe (M71) is my paternal uncle’s son. Dr. Kyaw Nyunt Koe (Robert, IM1 72) is my maternal aunt’s son. They matriculated in 1965.
  • He attended RIT with Myint Toe. Both graduated with Mechanical Engineering in 1971.
  • Michael was Best Man at the wedding of Robert.
  • His wife Audrey was a high school classmate of my sister-in-law.


  • His wife’s brother “Dr. Sargalay” was a high school classmate of my brother-in-law.
  • Dr. Sargalay’s wife is the sister of Saya Melvyn (M65, GBNF). They are BILs.
  • Saya Melvyn’s wife is the sister of Tin Aung Win (Tom). They are BILs.

U Kyaw Tun

  • U Kyaw Tun is the most senior saya at the RIT EE Department.
  • Saya was Patron of the RIT EE Association and the Hlyat Sit Sar Saung. I was an EC and the Sar Saung Committee member.
  • Dorothy (spouse of Tin Aung Win) is the younger daughter of Saya U Kyaw Tun (EE, GBNF).
  • Elizabeth(Saya’s elder daughter) was my classmate at PPBRS.


Let BIL stand for Brother-in-Law.

Then, Tin Aung Win
= BIL(Saya Melvyn)
= BIL(BIL(Dr. Sargalay))
= BIL(BIL(BIL(Michael Aye)))

You can try to connect the dots between Michael Aye and Yours Truly in several ways.

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