Thaung and Toung

For archive (Updated on February 17, 2019)

They are the same name in Burmese.

U Thaung (“Aung Bala”)

  • He was Chief Editor and/or Publisher of Kyemon (which was modeled after the “Daily Mirror”).
  • He was a critic.
  • Number One “spared” him for a while to prove that journalism was not dead.
  • He moved to the US.
  • He was a speaker at the San Francisco Bay Area talks.
  • He published several books (including the life of former No. 1) and critiques.

U Thaung is a younger brother of U Thant (United Nations Secretary General) and Pantanaw U Khant.

U Thaung (DSA 1st batch) served as Ambassador to the US and as Minister of Science and Technology. He branded our beloved alma mater as “Thabon Kyaung”.

Maung Thaung was Boxing Champion.

Maung Toung (Tom, EC69) is one of the eleven students who graduated with EC in1969. He migrated to USA. He hosted us during our visit to Connecticut, USA.

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