U Tet Tut

For archive (Updated on February 17, 2019)

U Tet Tut is the elder brother of Oway U Nyo Mya.


He was a Scholar and Arts Collector. He had some antiques (e.g. a pot from ancient China) and many books (including “Buddhistic Logic” by a Russian scholar).

He also advised some museums in the UK. Many believe that U Tet Tut convinced the British Museum to return some artifacts to Burma to be displayed at the “Maw Gun Deik” (or similar)


His friends include Ludu U Hla and Saya U Wun (Minthuwun).

Ludu U Hla regularly sent his books to U Tet Tut. For some time Ludu U Hla was restricted to write serious books, so he chose to compile Folk Tales of the indigenous races. I had a chance to read U Hla’s books at U Tet Tut’s house.

U Tet Tut hosted U Htin Kyaw (younger son of Minthuwun), who was then studying at the Institute of Computer Science in London. We visited U Tet Tut’s house several times to see him and U Htin Kyaw.

I tried to pay respect to him. He asked me to wait. He would recollect the virtues of the Triple Gems, before he said, “It’s now OK to Gadaw”.

Ambiguous communication?

  • U Tet Tut invited some Burmese to have lunch or dinner.
  • They said, “Ya Bar Dei”.
  • U Tet Tut cooked and waited for them.
  • They did not show up.


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