Ah Wa Sar

For archive (Updated on February 16, 2019)

During our younger days, many food shops and food stalls offer “Ah Wa Sar” (All You Can Eat).

  • My father took his assistants to an “Ah Wa Sar” shop during a trip to Upper Burma.
  • The cost was about one kyat per person.
  • On the return trip, the shop had “Closed for today” sign.
  • It might be due to the fact that my father’s assistants ate four or more bowls of rice, several helpings of “Toe Sa Ya” before finishing one or more bowls with the meat.

Most of my elderly friends in the US have stopped going to “Ah Wa Sar” restaurants because of a seemingly Lose-Lose situation.

  • If you do not eat a lot, then you lose your money’s worth.
  • If you eat a lot, you might not feel good for a few days. You may incur health problems.

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