RIT (823) : YTU Scholarship

For archive (Updated on February 11, 2019)

NorCal RITAA awards

  • $1000 to four YTU students
  • $500 to three YTU students

The photo of the Award winners was taken in July, 2018.

Their video testimonials can be seen in the NorCal RITAA website and the Facebook pages.

Selection Committee and Recipients

Volunteers from Yangon (mostly who are involved in RITAA) helped with the selection of the award winners.

We are sad to note about the hardship of several YTU students (some of whom are shy to request financial assistance).

When some saw the group photo, they thought that Nan Khin Nwe (83 Intake and Organizer, standing left to the students) was one of the recipients.


We are glad to know that several foundations (e.g. KMD by U Thaung Tin and Daw Tyn Tyn Aye) and groups (e.g. M76) are also involved with providing stipends and scholarships.

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