Air Con for YTU Library

James Shwe and Wynn Htain Oo

U Wynn Htain Oo (M72) wrote :

မနက္​မ်က္​စိ၂လံုးဖြင္​့လ်င္​ဖြင္​းျခင္​းအ​ေမရိကကJAMES SHWEထံကအဲကြန္​းအတြက္​​ေဒၚလာ၅၀၀၀လက္​ရွိျမန္​မာ​ေငြသိန္​း၇၀​ေက်ာ္​လႈမယ္​​ေနာက္​ၿပီးသူက်ႊြမ္​းက်င္​လွတဲ့ဘာသာရပ္​ျဖစ္​လို႔ကူစရာ​ေတြကူမယ္​ဆိုတာဒီလို​ေျပာလာတာ​ေတြ႕လိုက္​ရပါတယ္​ အရမ္​းအရမ္​းကိုစိတ္​​ေတြခ်မ္​းသာရတယ္​

I [James Shwe] will donate $ 5000 but allow me to review the building plans (architectural, structural, electrical and HVAC) and the HVAC system load calculations. Allow me to put in my two cents worth of opinion. If the building envelope construction is not done well with wall & roof thermal insulation, fenestration heat gain control, infiltration control, etc. the system will get oversized and will cost a lot more to operate. We also have to think of controlling water damage from leaks and condensation. Humidity control is also important. Fan coils are constant volume variable temperature systems and don’t provide Good humidity control which is considered important here for libraries and museums. Off course, we have to look at the finances and maintenance. We can only do what is practical. I only want to see if things can be optimized within the budget!

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