Compliments, Doubts, and Reality

For archive (Updated on February 22, 2019)

Lecture at UCSY

I received both compliments and doubts.

First example

A1 : Compliment

  • Thanks Sayagyi (Member of Generation Zero) for attending the 5th Acariya Pu Zaw Pwe of ICST/UCSY.
  • Thanks Sayagyi for sharing “UCC Memories” and for your Guest Lecture “Computer Chin, Ngan, Sutt”.

A2 : Doubt

  • Why do people address U Hla Min as Saya?
  • Where did he teach?

A3 : Reality

  • I was a saya at UCC (Universities’ Computer Center), DCS (Department of Computer Science) and ICST (Institute of Computer Science and Technology).
  • Aye Aye Kyaw Zin, younger daughter of U Kyaw Zin (EP69), was one of my students at ICST.

Second example

B1 : Compliment

He is a “Hin Lay Oh Gyi”.

B2 : Doubt

Have you read George Orwell?

B3 : Reality

  • I am a life long learner.
  • I have a decent memory.
  • I have read books (but the number is far less than those of bibliophiles like Saya U Thein Han (Zawgyi, former Chief Librarian of Rangoon University Central Library).

Third example

C1 : Compliments

  • Thanks for beautifully translating my poems and articles.
  • You should send your poem “Men on the Moon” to NASA.

C2 : Doubt

  • Why is he speaking at the Centennial of UNSG U Thant?
  • Is he a writer?

C3 : Reality

  • I am a “Sar Pay Myat Noe Thu”.
  • I have written articles, poems, translations, study guides, and blogs.
  • I have edited several books (mostly to commemorate events).
  • Nine of my articles appear in the Encyclopedia of Asian American Folklore and Folklife.
  • I co-authored a book, but the sales were not that great.


With the help of volunteers, my posts can be turned into a set of e-books and even printed books.

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  1. This was originally posted while I was on my self-imposed absence from FB.

    As I mentioned more than once, you are one of my few mentors, I learned a lot, more than many of my Sayas throughout my school years. That’s true that you were not my Saya in true technical sense, you taught me a lot more.

    You have amazing memory, being able to recall people, events etc from all these years, impart them around here for posterity. That alone is the gift that few people could imagine they have, and many have appreciated.


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