Unsung heroes [1]

For archive (Updated on February 27, 2019)

(1) Daw Pyone Pyone Oo and team interviewed selected sayas and sayamas for the “History of University Engineering Education in Burma/Myanmar”.

(2) U Htay Maung (M75) selected the Burmese fonts for use with the History project. He and his team transcribed Saya U Aung Hla Tun’s handwritten notes for word processing and type setting.

(3) U Thant Zin (M82), son of Saya U Sein Shan, volunteered not only for the History Project, but for the SDYF, SPZPs and the All Mechanical Gatherings.

(4) U Moe Myint (M76), Daw Moh Moh Han (A77) and their ‘Pon Chan Chan” pals helped with the Entertainment Program of most SPZPs held in Singapore and Yangon.

(5) Saya Dr. Soe Thein (C75) served as web master for the Singapore SPZP web site and the Singapore Civil Engineering web site. His son volunteered as a photographer or videographer.

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