Last Journey

For archive (Updated on February 27, 2019)

(1) I had the opportunity to serve as Master of Ceremonies at two last journeys.

(2) The first was for Dr. Htay Lwin Nyo (EP 74), part time Professor at San Jose State University.

Ko Khin Maung Zaw (EC76) set up the commemorative web pages on http://www.ex-rit.org

I have excerpted some in my Trivia posts.

(3) The second was for Sayadaw U Silanandbhivamsa, Rector of the International Theravada Buddhist University.

I volunteered as Book Committee member and Contributing Editor for “Paying Homage to Saya U Silanananda.

There is a 2-set DVD of Saydaw’s last journey and can be found as a supplement for the Commemorative book.

(4) There will probably be no last journey for us. We have registered as organ donors.

(5) We are deeply honored to the sponsors, donors,volunteers, and well-wishers for the soon kyway on August 20, 2016 at Half Moon Bay monastery. Special thanks to sayas and alumni near and far who took special time to express their appreciation to the messenger turned amateur historian.

(6) We are simply following the practice of our beloved philanthropic ancestors.

(7) Ko Thaung Sein (Steeve Kay, EC70, Multiple Golden Sponsor of SPZPs) said, “Do not retire. Re-tire.” He also mentioned that if we can serve the sayas and alums for two decades, we should be satisfied since RIT is a dying breed.

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