RIT (546) : U Myint Pe


He was a member of the Swel Daw Yeik Troupe for the Golden Jubilee Celebrations in 1970. He was Lushwindaw Seik Kyee.


U Myint Pe founded “RIT Cartoon Box” under the patronage of Saya U Khin Maung Phone Ko (C65, “Phone Ko”) and Saya U Aung Myint (Pet69, “Kyant Ba Hone”).

He organized four generations of “RIT Cartoon Box” cartoonists to compile and publish “RIT Selected Cartoons” in time for SPZP-2012.

They planned to publish another Cartoon Collection, but due to resource constraints they produced pamphlets for SPZP-2016.


He is active in MES (e.g. Young Engineers Program).

He coordinated the set up of exhibits (photographs, paintings, cartoons, …) and the musical program (with RIT Ah Nu Pyinnya Shins) at the SPZPs and Shwe YaDu.

He coaxed  the U-70 musicians to  recorded songs at a professional studio. He is a Mike Khe Pho Soe Chin.

He gave me a ride from the SPZP-2012 Preparation Meeting to M72 Reunion and Acariya Pu Zaw Pwe. One the ride back home, he and Saya U Moe Aung  discussed about their idea of helping sayas and alumni as a Foundation. More discussions with enthusiasts led to the founding of Swel Daw Yeik Foundation (SDYF).


He is a cancer survivor.

He also lost his beloved spouse.

But, life goes on.




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