Sports (698) : Judo

For archive (Updated on February 6, 2019)

Judo is an Olympic sport.

Judo and UTC

As a “Kauk Yoe Mee”, I tried a few sessions of Judo taught conducted by UTC. We had to learn to fall gracefully on the Judo mat. Then, we learned the basics of maintaining one’s balance and disturbing the opponent’s balance.

The early Judo champions were mostly military instructors (e.g. from Ba Htoo). Some were assigned to UTC. They helped run Judo Training Camps for the Burma Selected team (including the preliminary candidates).

RU and Burma Judo Champs

During our younger days, only a few college students — Ko Myint Lwin (Charles Cheah) and Ko Tin Maung Aye (“Ma Chit Su”) — represented Burma in Judo.

Ko Charlie’s spouse is the niece of Saya U San Tun (M59). Upon arrival at the US, Ko Charlie was hired by a company. On his first day of job, an alarm set off and Ko Charlie was assigned to confront a 7 footer who had set off the alarm. Luckily, there was no shoot out or the requirement of Judo tricks.

Ko Tin Maung Aye was also a member of RUBC.


Grapevine says that a rich Japanese sponsored several Judo instructors to help train the Burmese Judo team. The sponsor who led the team was not a Judo expert. His intention was to visit the girl that he left behind in Rangoon during the Second World War. Some neighbors of the woman were surprised and delighted to learn about the Reunion of the Japanese Veteran with his wife and son.

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