Living Proof

Several sayas wondered what happened to the Swel Daw Bins, which provided Swel Daw Yeik to the engineering students. How did they perish?

Saya U Moe Aung (Tekkatho Moe War) was sad to see the demise of Swel Daw Bins, but he is convinced that virtual Swel Daw Yeik lie deep in the heart of the engineering sayas and students and will live on forever.

  • Ko Saw Linn (C71, GBNF) had a kidney transplant, and had been to ICU at least thrice.
  • Ko Wynn Htain Oo (M72) has a hip replacement surgery several years ago.
  • Ko Myint Pe (M72) had a Stage-3 cancer.

I met them on RIT Alumni Facebook Pages before I met them face to face at the SPZP-2012 Main Organizing Committee meetings.

Their health problems did not prevent them from working feverishly to repay their metta and cetana to their mentors, and to ensure that their former classmates and school mates will have wonderful reunions and flash backs to the good old days.

The three alumni are living proof that Swel Daw Yeik (RIT) Spirit is alive and well.

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