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Thar ah chit. Myee ah hnit” goes an old saying.

I did not know much about the world when I was young.

The modern day kids — whether they are born in Myanmar, USA, or else where — seem to be highly intelligent.

None of my four grandparents were around when I was born. So, I cannot directly relate to them.

Two Myees

My “Myee Ma” would say, “I will take care of GP (Grand Pa) a lot. I will help him exercise. Have massage. … I have a doctor’s bag.”

My “Myee Htee” understands both the spoken language and the body language. When told to “Nann“, he will kiss my cheeks. He has a sense of when we are coming [to visit him] or when we are leaving. He will hug and give a flying kiss.

Myee Gyi
Myee Lay
My Myees

Perhaps the same can be said of “Myees” everywhere.

We are somewhat lucky that we don’t have to take care of our “Ah Hnits” 24 by 7.

As one alumni jokingly said, “Myees should just be Myee [tasted]”.

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