RIT (602) : U Kaung

For archive (Updated on January 27, 2019)

Saya U Kaung (C63) visited Myanmar. The alumni from 63 to 69 hosted a welcome party for Saya at Western Park Hotel.

I met Saya at the Mingalardon Air port. We were waiting for the plane from China Air Lines to come in. It was delayed by about 30 minutes.

Plane delay

Saya became worried. Saya’s flight Yangon -> Taipei -> Los Angeles -> Seattle has about 1 hour to catch the connecting flight to LA. The air line told Saya not to worry.

On the contrary, my flight Yangon -> Taipei -> San Francisco would require to spend 6+ hours in Taipei waiting for the connecting flight.

At Taipei

Saya rushed to catch the connecting flight to Los Angeles.

I had time to kill at the Taipei air port before taking the flight to San Francisco.

We heard lots of Burmese voices around. Among them was an 84-year old Pastor from Vancouver. At the transit counter, James gave an entertaining talk about Ngapi. In the early days, he had to hide Ngapi from the Canadians because they would not withstand the smell. Now, he has to hide Ngapi from the Canadians, who like Ngapi (and other Myanmar food).

I wish I were “Tekkatho Phone Naing” or “Thawda Swe” to be able to write short and long stories about their friends and the people they meet.


U Myo Nyunt (C69) visits his elder son in Seattle, Washington. He would have a gathering with Saya U Kaung.

Myo Nyunt and U Kaung

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