Definition and use

A coach is a vehicle to “carry” someone to a destination.

The first use of coach described a teacher who “carried” a student over a tough examination.

Later use of coach was in Athletic Development (e.g. coaching an individual or a team in a sports).

There are

  • Professional Coaches
  • Certified Coaches
  • Club Coaches.

Differences with other professions

Therapy : A therapist focused on the past
Coaching : A coach focuses on the future

Consulting : A consultant helps to solve a problem (of a company or a client)
Coaching : A coach provides suggestions and frameworks (that can be used by the client, who is accountable for solving the problem)

Mentoring : A mentor may advise, counsel and coach
Coaching : A coach focuses on coaching (and may not advise or counsel).

Training : A trainer sets objectives for the trainee
Coaching : A coach does not set objectives for the client/individual. The client/individual sets objectives for himself/herself.

Athletic Development : An athletic developer directs behavior of individuals and teams based on the developer’s experience and knowledge
Coaching : A coach focuses on identifying opportunity for development based on individual strengths and capabilities

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