Patthana in Daily Life *

Subtitle : An introduction to the Law of Conditionality

Author : U Hla Myint

Publisher : Tathagata Meditation Center, 2010



Root condition : Hetu-paccayo

Fascination (Sense-object) condition : Arammana-paccayo

Predominance condition : Adhipati-paccayo (sahajata, arammana)

Continuity condition : Ananatara-paccayo

Contiguity condition : Samanantara-paccayo

Co-nascence condition : Sahajata-paccayo

Mutuality condition : Annamanna-paccayo

Dependence condition : Nissaya-paccayo (shajata, purejata)

Strong-dependence condition : Upanissaya-paccayo (aramana, anantara, pakatupa)

Pre-nascence condition : Purejata-paccayo (vatthu, araammana)

Post-nascence condition : Pacchajata-paccayo

Repetition condition : Asevana-paccayo

Kamma condition : Kamma-paccayo (shahajata, mamakkhanika)

Resultant condition : Vipaka-paccayo

Nutriment condition : Ahara-paccayo (sahajarta, kabalikara)

Faculty condition : Indriya-paccayo (shajata, rupajivita, vatthu-purejata)

Jhana condition : Jhana-paccayo

Path condition : Magga paccayo

Association condition : Samapyutta-paccayo

Disassociation condition : Vipayutta-apccayo (sahajata, pacchajata, vatthupurejata)

Presence condition : Atthi-apccayo (sahajata, pacchajata, vatthupurejata)

Non-disappearance condition : Avigata-paccayo

Absence condition : Natthi-paccayo

Disappearance condition : Vigata-apccayo


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