Sharing Merits

For archive (Updated on February 26, 2019)

by Sayadaw U Silanandabhivamsa)

Sharing Merits is a beautiful act Buddhists do whenever they do meritorious deeds.

Sharing Merits means letting other beings get chance to get merit themselves by having them rejoice at one’s merit.

Sharing Merit is itself an act of merit which is dana.

It is better to share merits with ALL beings, not with our relatives only.

It is more beneficial if we can include the guardian deities in the recipients of our sharing.

For example

May all beings share this merit,

Which we have thus acquired,

For the acquisition of

All kinds of happiness

May beings inhabiting space and earth,

Devas and nagas of mighty power,

Share this merit of ours.

May they long protect the Teachings.

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