Cetika (Mental states)

Updated on June 10, 2019

All types of cetasikas are able to arise only be depending on Citta (consciousness).

There are 52 types. They are classified into three groups.

(1) Annasamana : Common to others : 13 types

Universal annasamana : associates with all cittas : 7 types

Contact, Feeling, Perception, Motivation, One-pointedness, Faculty of mental life, Attention

Particular annasmana : associates with some cittas : 6 types

Initial application, Sustained application, Decision, Effort, Joy, Wish to do

(2) Akusla : Immoral mental state : 14 types

Ignorance, Shamelessness, Fearlessness, Restlessness, Attachment, Wrong view, Hatred (fear), Envy, Stinginess, Remorse, Sloth, Torpor, Doubt

(3) Sobhana : mental state with virtue : 25 types

Mental states that are common to all types of sobhana citta : 19 types

Faith, Mindfulness, Moral shame, Moral dread, Non-attachment, Non-hatred, Equanimity, Tranquility of mental factors, Tranquility of mind, Lightness of mental factors, Lightness of mind, Pliancy of mental factors, Pliancy of mind, Adaptability of mental factors, Adaptability of mind, Proficiency of mental factors, Proficiency of mind, Rectitude of mental factors, Rectitude of mind

Mental state that abstains from evil speech, action, and livelihood : 3 types

Right speech, Right action, Right livelihood

Mental state that has limitless objects on which one must be practiced : 2 types

Compassion, Sympathetic joy

Mental state that realizes an object : 1 type

Faculty of wisdom

For details, read the books by Sayadaw U Silanandabhivamsa, Sayadaw Dr. Nandamalabivamsa, and Saya Dr. Mehm Tin Mon.

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