Pioneers : Dr. Hla Pe

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Dr. Hla Pe is a close friend of Saya U Wun (Minthuwun). Dr. Hla Pe is considered one of the most prominent Burmese scholars and one of the founders of Burma Studies, he has written numerous academic articles for Burma journals and published many books in English and Burmese during his academic career.

Burmese Proverbs

In our younger days, there was a series of books on “Sagar Pone” (Proverbs) by a Burmese Head Mistress.

For the general public, Dr. Hla Pe’s book is a good overview of Burmese proverbs.

Hla Pe (tr.): Burmese proverbs. (The Wisdom of the East; Unesco Collection of Representative Works, Burmese Series.) IX, 114 pp. London: John Murray, [1962]. 12s. 6d.


Professor Hla Pe taught Burmese language and culture at SOAS (School of Oriental and Asian Studies at the University of London) from 1948 and was Professor of Burmese at SOAS from 1966 until his retirement in 1980.

Post Retirement

Saya returned to Burma after his retirement and settled down in Mawlamyaing with his wife Than Mya. On his return he brought back to Burma his lifelong collection of books, said to be worth about US $50,000 for donation to Burmese university libraries.

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