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For archive (Updated on March 1, 2019)

Monasteries [usually] have [private] libraries. There are [usually] texts in Pali, Burmese/Myanmar and English. Volunteers [often] help index the library collection.

Theravada means “Way of the Elders”. At the First Buddhist Council and at the subsequent Councils, the sacred texts are reaffirmed. The Teachings are [generally] not added, deleted, or modified.

Burma/Myanmar hosted the last two [Theravada] Buddhist Councils. Sayadaw U Silanandabhivamsa initiated two projects: one to digitize the marble slabs inscribed during the Fifth Buddhist Council in Mandalay, and the other to compile a CD of the Tipitaka texts that were re-affirmed at the Sixth Buddhist Council in Rangoon/Yangon.

The Pali-Myanmar Tipitaka Dictionary was compiled under the guidance of the Sayadawgyis (Mahasi Sayadaw, …) and the [then young] Sayadaws (U Silananda, …). Myanmar translations of the Tipitaka texts were published by the Department of Religious Affairs.

Mahagandayone Sayadaw wrote texts for both the sanghas and the lay people. They included “Ba Tha Thway”, “Yadana Gone Yi”, “A Na Gut Thar Tha Ya ye (Future of the Dispensation)”, “Ko Kyint Abhidhamma (Abhidhamma in Daily Life)”, “Shin pone shin kyint wut (rules for the samanera/novices)”, … “The Illustrated History of Buddhism (with drawings by Sayagyi U Ba Kyi”).

It’s difficult if not impossible simply to read [all] the books [in a library]. Mingalar Byu Har, Dhamma Byu Har, Dhammacakka Society, Pathan Sar Thin Taik, … and the various training and teaching centers have helped sustain, promote, and propagate Sasana.

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