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For archive (Updated on February 27, 2019)

I spent five wonderful years (1964 – 1969) at RIT.
300+ students attended the first ever 2nd BE in 1964, and most of them graduated in 1969.
80+ (roughly 1 in 4) are now GBNF.
Many of the EE sayas who taught us are also GBNF.
    I’ve spent 19 years trying to keep the RIT spirit alive and well.
Thanks to Ko Khin Maung Zaw (EC 76) and Ko Wunna Ko Ko (EC 98) for their expertise, metta, cetana, and passion in designing and implementing the two ex-RIT web sites.
    The smiles and the occasional “Thank you” notes from the sayas, sayamas, and alums keep us going the extra mile.
I am sad to learn about a saya who passed away after having Alzheimer. Saya forgot to take meals regularly. Saya’s spouse was busy taking care of saya, and discovered too late that she had a medical problem. Both passed away within a few weeks.
While I still have reasonably good memory and health, I am trying to share my experience, knowledge, and aspirations with sayas and colleagues.
I have posted 40+ articles on “Memories of UCC”, 64 “Count down to Reunion-2000”, 36 “Post Reunion-2000” and 160 (and counting) “Trivia”.
Please provide suggestions, comments, and errata.
With your help, we might come up with a reasonably good e-book and may be a printed book or two. One would be to RIT and University Engineering Education. The other would cover general topics as in an encyclopedia.
According to U Wynn Htain Oo (M72), the IT Head might be willing to give projects to his students.

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