RIT : In Memory of Saya Dr. San Tint

For archive (Updated on February 26, 2019)

(1) On 5th May 2002 (Sunday), The 1980-2000 batch students contributed for Swaun Kyway at BDMS (Buddha Dhama Mandala Society) Temple, Singapore and 2 lots of land at Burmese Buddhist Temple (Singapore).

(2) For Saya U San Tint, Donations (Stationery, Text Books, etc. worth Kyat 500,000/- by Ko Zaw Aung – 84 EC) to four schools in Myanmar were done on behalf of the students by Pyinnya Dana Foundation (PDF) volunteers.

(3) (Next contribution “Dr. San Tint A Saung [Building] (48th donation of PDF)” is as follows. Estimated cost is Kyats 1.4 million.

The construction of a building (dedicated to Saya Dr. San Tint), measuring 50 Ft x 30 Ft, for third grade and fourth grade students at Primary School in Kyaik Paw (Bago) has begun under the supervision of PDF (Ko Thein Hteik Oo M96 and Volunteers).

The Primary school there has 240 students, but there is only one “extremely crowded” school building with not-so-good walls and a roof (one quarter of which is not covered with Zinc sheets). All students from Thu-nge-tan (KG) to fourth grade study in the building with NO partitions.

PDF Volunteers will take full responsibility on this project, making sure that the new building meets the typical primary school requirements. The building is BN type. For details, see the RIT Burma Group postings and/or contact us for details.

Ko Hla Kyi – 77 EC

Ko Aung Lin – 85 EC

Ko Aye Thwin – 92 Ep

Ko Thein Htike Oo – 96 Mech

Ko Aung Mon – 96 EC

We are still in need of funds for the above project. The estimates may need to be revised as construction proceeds, but we all will make it happen because the benefit for the poor kids is enormous.

Together, we all will make “the good job, aims and inspirations of our late beloved Sayagyi” happen.

Thanks again all for your patience.

Thanks to Ko Thein Hteik Oo & PDF Volunteers

On behalf of the late Sayagyi U San Tint’s well-wishers

Hla Kyi (77 EC)


Dear RIT Burma Family,

Let’s support “Dr. San Tint Hall” and to the school children of Burma [Myanmar].

Our country indeed needs the public volunteer support from all the Burmese [Myanmar] country men, bred, fed and taught by the various schools around the country.

We need to turn our head and look back at our Burmese schools and Burmese school children.

We have been bred, fed and taught by the schools of Burma. Now we are obliged [or at least start thinking] for the next generation of Burmese School Children.

You may have read about some/several Burmese School Children being bred, fed and taught under the tree near the paddy fields.

Let us support the Burmese School Children.

best regards

maung yit

93 EC

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